Big Data Challenge 2019 STEM competition and speech

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Folks, yesterday I was honored to attend the 2019 Big Data Challenge which took place in Calgary, for the first time in the competition’s history outside of Toronto. The Big Data Challenge is partnered with leading national organizations such as the Canadian Space Agency, the Royal Bank of Canada, Cisco, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, and others. This reinforces the important work done by, and focus of, the Big Data Challenge.

STEM-based education matters because of the important innovations that it creates, and the leaders of the next generation that it builds. And I was happy to witness yesterday the rise, and hard work, of the future generation of scientists, explorers, inventors, discoverers, and doctors that will continue to shine a bright light on the high quality of STEM-based education that we have here in Canada. Which I can tell you it is unparalleled with the rest of the world, having traveled extensively in my ten-year tenure as Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs. I have heard our STEM-based high education praised all across the globe and I was always proud to promote it whether in the schools of Jakarta, Indonesia, or in my birth country of Tanzania.

Many of my colleagues in Parliament have STEM-based degrees. Marilyn Gladu is a proud engineer, Kellie Leitch is a pediatric surgeon, Colin Carrie and Robert Kitchen are both chiropractors, and Brad Trost was trained as a geophysicist, among their many other professions. STEM-based education is very compatible with politics and in fact quite helpful, if you’re thinking of ever running for public office, or giving back to your communities as an elected official!

I hope you enjoy the speech, by clicking here or watching it below!

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