Humor and Life in Politics Part 3

Friends, you know I love the Deepak’s Dank Meme Stash Facebook Page and I thought for this Throwback Thursday to bring you back some of their gems, since I know we all miss warm weather, and we could do with a chuckle or two after the disastrous Liberal budget tabled earlier this week! As always © Deepak’s Dank Meme Stash Facebook Page

Drinks with Deepak… and the University of Calgary Conservatives

This week I was thrilled to sit down with one of the local university clubs in Calgary, the Conservative students at the University of Calgary. We talked about their future, their dreams, and why they must be involved in public life, and politics. They were all very keen to defeat the incompetent Liberal government, with which I couldn’t agree more! It is always a pleasure to chat with young conservatives who are the backbone of our party. I look forward to meeting with more youth groups in the coming months and years, and encourage as many students as possible to be part of the democratic process in Canada, and engage their civic sense towards the betterment of our country! Deepak

Big Data Challenge 2019 STEM competition and speech

Folks, yesterday I was honored to attend the 2019 Big Data Challenge which took place in Calgary, for the first time in the competition’s history outside of Toronto. The Big Data Challenge is partnered with leading national organizations such as the Canadian Space Agency, the Royal Bank of Canada, Cisco, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, and others. This reinforces the important work done by, and focus of, the Big Data Challenge. STEM-based education matters because of the important innovations that it creates, and the leaders of the next generation that it builds. And I was happy to witness yesterday the rise, and hard work, of the future generation of scientists, explorers, inventors, discoverers, and doctors that will continue to shine a bright light on the high quality of STEM-based education that we have here in Canada. Which I can tell you it is unparalleled with…

University of Toronto’s Indian Students Society 10th Anniversary

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to the Indian Students Society at the University of Toronto. The club celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and both Indian Consul General Dinesh Bhatia and I were thrilled to be invited and to get to chat with the students. Personally, I encouraged them to seize all opportunities that come their way and leave a positive legacy behind, no matter what they decide to do with their lives, the future is theirs! Deepak

Venezuela and I – some backstory

Friends, some of you might have seen my tweet from last week on the Maduro regime in Venezuela. It is right here, again, for context. I mentioned in my Retweet a story from a few years back, when dictator Hugo Chavez passed away. I’m here to provide you with more context and background than a tweet can allow. At the time of Chavez’ death, as Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs, I acknowledged in a press release the dictator’s death and expressed hope for a more democratic and prosperous future for the Venezuelan people. This was routine and part of my duties. Pretty standard, right?! I was also asked by Prime Minister Harper to attend the funeral ceremonies taking place subsequently in Caracas – this is normal practice for ceremonials abroad to foster continuous bilateral relations (I also accompanied PM Harper in another instance to attend…

Legislative Update: Hindu Heritage Month PMB

Friends, one of the great joys of my job as a Parliamentarian is the ability to introduce bills on important issues. One such topic is the establishment of a Hindu Heritage Month here in Canada, in recognition of the contributions of Hindu-Canadians to the social fabric and economic growth of our great country. Today I introduced this bill, which received the number C-416, and it passed First Reading (bills in the House of Commons must pass three readings in total, before moving on to the Senate). The Bill would establish the month of October of every year as Hindu Heritage Month. It has no financial or economic implications, merely symbolic. Hindu Canadians are known to celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Navratri, and Durga Puja. Diwali specifically has been celebrated on Parliament Hill under my auspice since 1998. Ours in Ottawa was the first Diwali celebration…