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Racism in Politics vs. Racism in Politics to further ones Agenda

Asking questions that help Canadians understand policies, behaviours and a politicians’ opinion IS NOT RACIST, and preventing this line of questioning goes against the very foundations of grassroots politics. This is a big concern for me! Make no mistake, during my 20 years of public service, I have faced racism firsthand. During my first successful campaign, I dealt with the ugly face of racism. You can read about it in the following article, however at this moment, I want to talk about the difference between facing racism and using racism as a way to shut down an uncomfortable line of questioning – a disturbing trend that is happening in Politics today. From M103 and its potential to shut down and label any discussion or questions of Islam as being Islmaphobic, to the newly elected NDP leader Jagmeet Singh shutting down questions regarding his own stance towards…

Deepak’s Take on Current Issues (Sept – Oct 2017)

Topics covered this month include Senator Lynn Beyak’s comments regarding Indigenous peoples, the Liberals’ $10.5M  payout to Omar Khadr and his take on the 2017 German election.  For Deepak’s most recent in-depth pieces, follow him on Twitter (@deepakobhrai). On why Senator Lynn Beyak’s  comments regarding Indigenous Peoples is disagreeable .   It is a fact that Canadian courts have all agreed that treaty rights MUST be recognized. These treaties were signed by the Crown and Indigenous leaders. We simply cannot throw out these agreements on a whim. Indigenous peoples already enjoy Canadian rights, because they are Canadian citizens. They form our founding history, along with the French and English. Ultimately, we must respect their rights, as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and recognized under the treaties. On why Liberals giving Omar Khadar a 10.5M payout sends the wrong message. In the previous government, I…