The Politics of Politics


The Power of Local Political Associations (EDAs)

Not all strategies are created equal in the “wonderful” world of politics. This is something that I quickly learned after unsuccessfully running in provincial politics. Having a game plan that incorporates the many facets of the political world is key to being successful. One of those facets is the inclusion of the local electoral district association (EDA) into your strategy (more on this below). The ultimate goal of any political candidate should be to receive a broad-base of support from grassroots groups. This is usually achieved by getting involved in local community associations, and causes, and volunteer groups. Grassroots support alone, however, will not get your foot into the door of the political world, as a more powerful group holds the key to that door – the EDA, who are referred sometimes as “gatekeepers”. The single biggest mistake that a candidate can…

Racism in Politics vs. Racism in Politics to further ones Agenda

Asking questions that help Canadians understand policies, behaviours and a politicians’ opinion IS NOT RACIST, and preventing this line of questioning goes against the very foundations of grassroots politics. This is a big concern for me! Make no mistake, during my 20 years of public service, I have faced racism firsthand. During my first successful campaign, I dealt with the ugly face of racism. You can read about it in the following article, however at this moment, I want to talk about the difference between facing racism and using racism as a way to shut down an uncomfortable line of questioning – a disturbing trend that is happening in Politics today. From M103 and its potential to shut down and label any discussion or questions of Islam as being Islmaphobic, to the newly elected NDP leader Jagmeet Singh shutting down questions regarding his own stance towards…