Deepak on the Reform Act

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There has been a lot of talk about my colleague Michael Chong’s bill passed in the previous parliament, The Reform Act. By now you know what it does, especially with the controversies in the news about my colleagues, MPs Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Dr. Jane Philpott.


When it was introduced, and then passed, I opposed this bill, and I still do. Let me tell you why: I believe it took the power of grassroots away and gave it to MPs when it came to the future of Party Leaders. I expressed my disagreement publicly with this bill while in the Canadian High Commission in London, very near to the mother of our Parliament, Westminster.


Coincidentally, after the 2015 election, the bill made me “King for a Day”. As Dean of the Caucus (longest continuously serving MP of a party caucus), I chaired the meeting which elected my friend Rona Ambrose as the interim Leader of the Official Opposition. Funny how life happens, eh?

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