In-Depth with Deepak

Deepak’s Take on Current Issues (Sept – Oct 2017)

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Topics covered this month include Senator Lynn Beyak’s comments regarding Indigenous peoples, the Liberals’ $10.5M  payout to Omar Khadr and his take on the 2017 German election.

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On why Senator Lynn Beyak’s  comments regarding Indigenous Peoples is disagreeable .  

It is a fact that Canadian courts have all agreed that treaty rights MUST be recognized. These treaties were signed by the Crown and Indigenous leaders. We simply cannot throw out these agreements on a whim.

Indigenous peoples already enjoy Canadian rights, because they are Canadian citizens. They form our founding history, along with the French and English.

Ultimately, we must respect their rights, as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and recognized under the treaties.

On why Liberals giving Omar Khadar a 10.5M payout sends the wrong message.

In the previous government, I was appointed as the chief spokesperson for the Omar Khadr file in the House of Commons. As I stated very clearly in the House, Khadr was charged with the serious crime of murder.

We must not forget the victim in this situation, Sgt. Christopher Speer, who was murdered at the hands of Khadr. Sgt. Speer’s family still lives with the pain of his death.

The irony here is that the Liberal government gave Khadr a whopping $10.5 million payout, while a judge has refused to even ease some of the court imposed restrictions on him. Thankfully, the court is a check and balance on our system. Kudos to the Canadian justice system.

On why Democracy Prevailed in Africa with the Annulment of the 2017 Presidential Elections. 

In 2008, I went to Kenya to meet with the Commission of Inquiry, set up by Kofi Annan and other eminent African personalities to look into the violence that erupted after the 2007 elections.

Subsequently, Uhuru Kenyatta was charged by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The charge fell through due to a lack of evidence.

The decision now by the Kenyan Supreme Court due the recent electoral irregularities has avoided another episode of violence. Great victory for democracy!

Regarding the results of the German Election

The rise of the far-right in Germany clearly shows that a balance must be struck between supporting the vulnerable and ensuring the betterment of one’s nation.

In the case of Canada, we are a compassionate people where the majority want to help the vulnerable peoples of the world. During my leadership race, I spoke to many Canadians and they were concerned about the integration of refugees into our larger society.

During the leadership race, I promised to increase private sponsorships and to reduce government ones. By increasing the number of private sponsorships, we are setting refugees to success in Canada, as well as allowing Canadians to actively take part in the process. Private sponsorships lead to better job prospects, provide better access to language assistance, and develop a greater connection to the local community.

We must be aware that there are legitimate concerns citizens have all around the world, in terms of opening their borders and placing an undo strain on their social network. Ignoring these concerns and labelling them as “uncompassionate” will ultimately cause voters to exercise their vote on election day, as was clearly the case in Germany.


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